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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

First Ultrasound!

Yesterday we had our first ultrasound, went in excited and came out a little disappointed. I didn't get to hear the heartbeat, that's what I was disappointed about,their are others that I know that were 6 wks and alittle further that had heard there babies heartbeat, but Dr B assured me that he thought that I was still early and that everyone is different as to when baby develops and you can hear the heartbeat. The ultrasound is showing that I am a little earlier then if you go by my last period. We did get to see the sac and the yolk, Dr. B ( my Re) just thinks that I am to early to hear the heartbeat right now, so we did get to see the speck on the screen which is encouraging, hopefully next time we will get to hear it. If you go by my last period then I would be 8 weeks tomorrow, but I must have ovulated later that month, so Dr thinks that I 6 wks and few days now. Dr. B did another hcg level yesterday and it was 4,644. So my numbers are up where they should be. I go back in a few weeks to have another ultrasound done. I am still on the Progesterone suppositories and will until I am 12 weeks.

I have had fewer and less intense migraines since I was put back on my Inderal, and I have been taking Tylenol to help with them too. I was taken off my Metformin cause it was causing me to have diarrhea, I know TMI. My morning sickness comes and goes mostly I have it in the am before work and then it comes again in the afternoon right before lunch. I still have the sore boobs and some cramps every now and then, but I am not going complaining that's for sure, I am so happy to be pregnant.

Please prayer that baby continues to grow and develop in my womb as it is suppose and that, God sustains this pregnancy within me for the next 9 months. I pray that my migraines stay at a minimum as well.


Kate&CodyWhite said...

We are praying for you daily! This is meant to be and it will all work out and I know God will let you see you bean on your next appointment :) Hugs Sweetie!

Charne Trollip said...

Sorry you did not get to hear the heartbeat, continue to believe that GOD is looking after baby and all will be fine

PS, plese can you email me your email address so i can add you to read my blog :) charne@mailbox.co.za

Elaine said...

I'm sorry you didn't get to hear the heartbeating, but seeing it has to be reassuring! I hope the time flies by until your next appt and that you will remain migraine free in the coming days!


yes, it is a boy. (thanks for your comment!) sounds like things are progressing great for you. i am keeping up with the updates! :)

Melanie said...

Aren't those ultrasounds just the best?! I ALWAYS looked forward to them when I was pregnant with my kiddos. Hearing that little heartbeat will be just as special, too.

Have a great week!

Elaine said...

just checking in to see how you are doing?

Melanie said...

Just dropping by to say "Hi!" Hope all is well with Mommy and baby.

Have a great weekend!