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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hello 2010!

Noah napping after opening gifts.

2nd time with trying cereal

Hello all, sorry for being MIA for the past 3 weeks. I find it hard with a baby to sit down and blog most of the time these days. I just put him to bed for the night so I have a chance now.

*Christmas was great with Noah this being his first year, he just loved staring at the tree and watching all the people. He loved listening to the paper being ripped.
* He is going on 18 weeks old, where does the time go these days, if seem like he was just born. He does something new each day. He loves to stand with you holding his hands and sit up with you holding him. He is cooing and giggling more each day. I discovered on Saturday the day after Christmas that he has a tooth coming in on the top right. He has been drooling and fussy a lot so I thought that something is up. It is poking through.
He loves to grab at things now, he can hold a rattle and shake it for a few and then he drops it. He tries to put everything in his mouth. He especially like to pull at Mommy's hair. I love it when he laughs and smiles it just makes my day.
* He slept through the night for 2 weeks and now that he has a tooth coming in he sleeps for about 4 hours then he awakes for a feeding then goes back to sleep. We started putting him in his crib for the first night on New Years day night, and it has gone okay, better then I thought. I feed him and when I see that he is rubbing his eyes then I know that he is getting sleepy so I put him to bed and he does not cry. He has this V-tech Dog that you can set it to songs for so long so I let that play and he is usually out in 5-10 mins.
* We started giving his cereal on Christmas day and he is starting to like it. Saturday we go to baby food, which will be interesting. Most of the time we get more on him then in his mouth. I am still breastfeeding with some formula add to it, we are doing half and half, he is doing okay with that. He would rather have my milk then formula, but this helps him to get more satisfied with doing the half and half.
* He usually takes 2-3 naps a day. He hates to have a wet diaper so we go through them like crazy these days. He lets us know when he is wet. I have been give him a bottle with about 2 oz of warm water each day to help with his bowel movements. It seem that since we have been doing the formula added to my milk he does not go as often as he used to. When I am home he eats from me. I pump it when I am at work. I am trying to make it to 6 month with the breast feeding if possible, if my supply continues.
Well I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and New Years. I had a great year last year cause Noah was born, it seems as that was the best thing that happened last year, the rest was a rough one with surgeries and trials and things, this is has to be better. I hope and prayer that for those of you that are still waiting for your miracle that this is your year.


heather said...

I agree that the best thing about last year was my son too! It was a hard year with the economic downturn and yes - surgeries for me too. :( 2010 will be so much fun with our little ones' first birthday and so many other milestones!


The Lynchs said...

Wow - he is hitting lots of milestones!! They sure do grow up fast.

I love the picture of him with the hat - adorable!!