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Friday, October 16, 2009

7 wks


I can't believe that Noah is 7 wks old today. He is growing so fast, he amazes me every day. He looks up at me with those blue eyes and just coos and smiles. I love this little guy so much.

I go back to work on Monday, my 8 wks are up. How that time has flown by. I toke him to the babysitter that he will be going to for a trial run yesterday afternoon, it went okay, I left in tears. I feel so guilty leaving him with someone that I don't know. I would feel so much more comfortable leaving him with a close friend or family, but non are close so that is not an option. I called to check on him after leaving him for 45 mins and he was crying in the background. I felt even worse, I know that it is going to take him to as well to adjust. I went back to pick him up after 2 hours and he was sleeping. She said that he cried for 25 min after she feed him and he went to sleep for 10 mins and wake up and she said that she rocked him and layed him down again and he wake up again and she rocked him a second time and then layed him down and he stayed asleep, and he was sleeping when I picked him up.

Advice: Does any one/or any working moms have any advice to share to help me get through the first two weeks of leaving him with a sitter. Any words of encouragement? I wish that I could stay home with him full time, but I can't financially at the moment. I was told today by my employer that my hours are going to be getting cut from 4 days to 2 1/2 days a week. So then that is nice some more time that I can get with my peanut, but notas good on the budget and finances.

We are leaving in the morning to go to my 3rd baby shower with my husbands family. It will be interesting traveling with an infant on a 3 hours trip. They didn't want me to travel being pregnant. Plus his mom is having some family pic taken why we are there, so it will be our first family picture of us three. As well as some all family photos.

Hope everyone has great weekend.


Brooke said...

Sorry you have to leave him with a sitter. I will have to go back to work as well but not right away. I am planning on taking a few months off since Oregon gives a extra 8 weeks of baby bonding time on top of the 6 weeks of disability that I will get. I really hope I can take all of that time off but who knows. Noah will be just fine and only 21/2 days a week is going to see like nothing once you get back to work and really get a routine going.

Amanda Hoyt said...

I'm so sorry you have to return to work this morning, Jen. I'm a working mom and had to return to work after having Caitlin after 3 weeks. It was torture. Luckily my mom was the one keeping her for those first weeks. One thing I would ask if the sitter could do for you is take pictures and email them to you at work (or send them to you on your cell phone). My mom did that for me and it helped get me through the days. She sent me at least one each day. I would post it on my computer desktop and stare at her picture all day long and it would feel like I was sort of there with her. Also, I had my sitters keep a little "diary" of Caitlin's day. When she ate, slept, pooped, etc. That way when I came home I could read it and feel like I knew how her day went - like I was a part of it still...
I'll be praying for you!

mama2dibs said...

Oh my goodness, Jen! He is getting so big. He's looking like an infant instead of a newborn. Wow!