God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow,sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Randoms Thoughts and what Been going on in my life these days!

1. My new job is going good, each day gets alittle better. I have been there for 2 weeks now. I am starting to feel more comfortable with the electronic charting, still learning the tricks of it all. I almost have access to everything that I need to complete my job. I worked 1/2 day today, which was nice. Thursdays will be my days off starting in December.

2. I am going to explain why Tuesday was not a good day. Tuesday started off to be a somewhat decent day when I left the house. I went into work and was learning a new task which will be part of my job, being phone nurse. I was shadowing one of the nurse in the morning then I was up to bat, it was my turn in the afternoon, with someone with me of course, if I had questions. Well about 11:30 ish my husband is at the front window needing to talk to me. I am think oh my what is up, I hope all is okay, nope boy was I wrong. You see he was on his way to school and got about 7 miles down the road from home and one of his tires blew. He forgot his cell phone that morning cause he was in a hurry,and he didn't even make it to school. He walked 7 miles back to our house and rested for a few then walked to my office where I work which is about 2 miles from the house in the cold weather. Bless his heart. No one stopped to see if he needed a ride or help with changing the tire. Anyway I had to leave work to take him to the car so he could change the tire. So we get to the car, it is snowing and cold. We have an emergency kit in my car that has orange cones and the triangles to worn other that there is danger up ahead. So I am not much help to dh except making sure traffic doesn't hit him. He got two of the bolts off of the tires, but was having trouble getting the others off. So I called our auto insurance, to get our road side assistance out to help him change the tire, while in the meantime tons of cars passed by and not one stopped to assist, which I was alittle frustrated. But I am sure people are afraid to stop sometimes these days. So as we are waiting for roadside to come, someone stops to see of he can help. It was one of our neighbors in our addition he was on a call putting in a satellite and he said that he drive by once on the way to his install and he thought that the car and we looked familiar, so he came back by when he was finished with that job and noticed it was his neighbor so he help dh change the tire. So I called and cancelled the roadside. I am so thankful that dh didn't get hurt when the tire blew and didn't have an accident, as well as I am thankful that our neighbor Dave stopped to assist dh with the tire. God is good. We knew that we would have to buy two tires for the car we were hoping that it wouldn't have to be this soon, but we replaced the one that blew on the front driver side and went ahead and purchased another for the front passengers side to prevent this from happening again.

3. I have been alittle teary eyed this week. All I want is to be a mommy. I know that I am a mom to angels in heaven, in which I miss very much, if things would have turned out differently I would be half way through my pregnancy now. I want nothing more then to be pregnant, I know that others out there feel the same way I do and I hurt with you. I think that I have these emotions more this week is cause I now see little ones at work, and I long to have one of my own. I know that I have to trust in Gods plan for me, but I am really struggling right now, especially since the holidays are coming. I am sorry to vent, but I needed to let it out.

4. Dh and I will be leaving tomorrow evening for Thanksgiving with his family for the weekend. It has been since last December since we were down to his home town. So please keep us in your prayer for safe travels.

5. I want to say thanks to everyone that reads my blog and leaves comments of prayer and encouragement. I pray that everyone has a safe and good weekend.


Melanie said...

So glad that your new job is going well and thankful someone stopped to help with the tire. You are right.. God does provide!

Praying for you thru the holidays...

Kate&CodyWhite said...

Enjoy your weekend and be safe! No more car issue's ok? Eat lots of turkey because it is so yummy :) Hugs! You will get your baby!

Elaine said...

Hey Jen,

I'm sorry you are having a bit of an emotional week. I can relate to those feelings you are currently feeling for children. I remember all too well how they can impact your emotions. Just wanted to say I am praying for you--and although we don't understand His ways, His ways are greater than ours. I use to tell myself, "Elaine, today you are one day closer to becoming a mom than you were yesterday." Somehow, someway that would bring me comfort. I hope it will for you too.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Teresa said...

Your poor husband! You'll look back on that day and laugh though I'm sure. I hope anyway. I'm so sorry that you are feeling down. I don't believe that time heals all wounds. I think all of us will have good days and bad days for the rest of our lives. I was laying in bed last night thinking I may never have a baby with my husband but then remembered that we do have a baby in Heaven and for some reason I felt peace and joy for a split second. It seems like forever here on earth but it isn't really and one day we WILL be holding our children that we so desperately miss really forever! God is good, even though I don't feel like it sometimes. And one more thing, I KNOW you'll be a mommy soon girl...I just KNOW it!

AmandaHoyt said...

I'm so sorry you have not been having such a good week. I know it seems that "when it rains it pours"...I'll be praying for you and your husband and I hope you have a good Thanksgiving. I know how much you want to be a mommy. The Lord will bless you and your husband with a perfect little one. I am praying that it will be soon. Take it easy.
Hugs and prayers,

Melanie said...

Praise God for your neighbor and that He kept your hubby safe! I know how you are feeling regarding wanting to be a mommy! I heard something on the Christian radio station last night and as soon as I find something on it I am going to make a new post about it! I think its something that the Lord was trying to hint to me! So look out for a post today! I found this site for you even though for a even cuter ticker for your baby twins! http://remembranceticker.tickershack.com/stepone/baby.html

I just did one for my angel baby... I love it!

Oh and have a fantastic weekend!

Jim and April said...

im so glad work is going well for you and that God took care of your hubby when the tire blew! I agree with you about wanting to be a mommy...i was thinking the other day how my oldest would be 2 years and 7 months already...but God knows best!

Hope2morrow said...

Whew- what a week! Thank goodness a holiday is around the corner. I am sorry you are struggling emotionally right now. Holidays tend to amplify our feelings.

Be safe traveling. Take care!

Kahla said...

I'm so glad your new job is going well. It always seems that tough times come in multiples. Holidays can be so hard, especially when the loss is so recent. Huge hugs and I hope you have a good Thanksgiving.