God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow,sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random Thoughts !

Here are some thoughts that are going through my head today,that's if you can follow me.

1. I had to go to the dentist this morning for a routine cleaning. I dislike the dentist. I dread having to go for anything. I tried to offer it to someone else to go for me, but there were no takers. Well I had a cavity, and they filled it today while I was there. Now my mouth is numb, what a wonderful feeling.

2. I received a call from my mom this morning at 4:30 am to tell me that my brothers girlfriend is in ob department she went in with contractions at 1 am this morning and she was a 5. While I was in the dentist she called me again to tell me that she is resting comfortably and that she got and epidural and that she is an 8 that was 10:30 am. So anytime now my little nephew will be making his way into the world. I am getting excited, but at the same time I am alittle sad. I just got word that I am an Aunt now. Baby Nathan Scott was Born today at 2:45 pm 6 lbs- 14 oz, 20 inches long. Mom and dad are doing good, been along night for them there tired. I was told that he has a full head of hair dark brown. I am going to go see him tomorrow. So I will take a few pictures.

3. God is so Good. I think that it is amazing how God can turn a sad day into a happy day. Today is the day in memory of those that have lost babies do to a miscarriage or stillborn or any loss.
I am sad cause I lost my babies 11 weeks ago to a miscarriage, but then God has opened the door for my nephew to come into the world on this day. Maybe I am crazy, but I think that God is working in this situation, I can just feel it.
Baby Baker twins mommy and daddy miss you and love you very much, we can't wait to see you again in heaven. July 22, 2008 in memory of our Twins.

4. Last week I had asked for A Prayer Please! Well I went for the interview on Monday afternoon and met with the Dr. and the staff that I would be working with if I got the position. I thought that it went okay. It is really hard to answer questions, when you have 6 people staring at you. Well I received a call the night about them wanting me to come in and shadow, and see how the office runs and functions. I said sure.
I just got back from shadowing. I think that it went well, I was shadowing a lady that has only been there a month and she was very nice and helpful. I was able to do some of the functions that I would be doing, if I got the position. I brought some patients back to rooms and did vitals and went through the meds as to what they are taking. I am used to charts and having to write everything out in the charts, they ( the office that I shadowed at ) have medical/computerized charting on the computer. So I was trying to learn how to get into the windows that I needed to be in to get it ready for the Doctor. I asked questions when I needed to. I hope that I hear something back soon. I guess time will tell.

Thanks to those that listened to and read my rambling thoughts.


Elaine said...

I'm thinking of you today and sending you a big Hug!! I hope you get the job, and I love your new hair style by the way!

Kate&CodyWhite said...

We love rambling thought here! Congrats on your nephew and I hope you will post pictures soon and you will get the job I know you will :) Hugs sweetie and it was so good to talk to you on the phone.

Jim and April said...

its amazing to see God work in bittersweet situations like the one you had today! My sweet cousin who is my age who never thought she could have children is now 25 weeks pregnant and i am SO HAPPY for her yet at the same time so sad because I wish I could be pregnant with her but I have to remind myself its all in Gods timing and plan! hope you have a great day!

Hope2morrow said...

Thinking of you on this very significant day. It seems as if God is at the center of this day, an I am glad He made it known in a very obvious way.

Still have my fingers crossed about the job! Sounds like they are definitely considering you! Woohoo!