God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow,sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Honey!

Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life. He is not having a very good day, he pulled a muscle in his back on Saturday at work so he is in some pain. I will post more later as to how we are doing and how things are going with us, we are continuing to take one day at a time.


Melanie said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet honey!

Praying for you both!

Charnè said...

Happy birthday to your hubby :)

Hope2morrow said...

Thanks for the quick update. Missing you and thinking about you!

Kate&CodyWhite said...

Nobody is aloud to miss you more then me! :) I hope Carter had a great b-day my hubbies was not so fun since we were in the ER for me.

jubilee said...

Happy birthday, Carter!

BTW, one day at a time is the best and only way to do it.