God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow,sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What a Crazy week.

Where do I start. Well it all started on Thursday night last week. I worked till 6p.m. and when I got off there where two missed messages on my cell phone from Carter telling me that he is stranded in Ft.Wayne. So I try and call him to found out what is going on and there is no answer and I continue to call and try and get him and no answer. So I am hoping that he will call back to let me know where he is at in Ft. Wayne, so finally at 7p.m. he calls me back to let me know where he is and that the car won't start and he was been up there since 11:30a.m. he had been using someone else cell phone since he left his at home on accident and that he had to walk to a repair shop, since no one would give him a ride to one and has walked to where he needed to go until I got there and I asked him why he didn't call me at work so I could come up and get him and he said that he didn't have the number. Carter said that at least that it stop running at the gas station when he stopped there to get gas instead of the side of the road somewhere, he said that all that it would do was turn over, but won't start at all. So when I finally got there to get him, since the weather was bad with freezing rain, he had already called a tow truck to come get the car and take it to the repair shop for it to be looked at on Friday. So then we came home, and thank goodness I had Friday off. So we heard from the repair shop on Friday afternoon to let us know that the pcm module was the issue, an computer component in the car and that it was going to be expensive to fix. So we thought that we got the extended warranty on the car when we brought it in April, so Carter went to Bart's to see if we paid for the warranty and we didn't get the one that covers the modules, but the guy that he talked to at Bart's said that General Motors has a 80,000 mile warranty on some cars that cover the modules. So Carter called Saturn and yes it is covered under the warranty if it is the pcm module, so now we had to call a tow truck to come get it at the shop on Lima to take it to the Saturn dealer at Jefferson for them to look at it and see if it is the module and if so then it is cover and so is the tow truck fee. So they toke it to the Saturn dealer and it finally got looked at on Monday this week. So we have had one car, which has sucked. So finally we called Saturn today, and it was the pcm module and the relay plug. Which the module was cover under the warranty which saved us over $875.00. and we only have to play $70.00 for the plug and labor along with the diagnostics of it. So we finally get the car back tomorrow morning. It has been nuts on trying to get to work and Carter to school. It was been great that Carter has been filling in at the Walgreen's here in Columbia City, it has been a awesome especially this week with the car issues. It will be nice to have both cars back. God works in mysterious, last weekend we were suppose to go to his parents to visit and for some reason it didn't happen with one car being down. Thank You Lord for watching over us with every situation and getting us through this rough times.

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