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Friday, September 18, 2009

Noah-3wks. Little late, I Know.

Here is Noah at 3wks which was Tuesday, little late, then never, I guess. He went into the Dr on Tuesday he still was not getting any better from the congestion and the diarrhea and the low grade fever. He had the stomach bug and a cold and he weighted 8 lbs-4 oz. The week prior to he was 7lbs-14 oz. He is sure eating well, so I am doing something right with the breastfeeding. I went to a breastfeeding support group today and that went well, I got to meet others moms that are having the same struggles as I am, and I did get some of my questions answered as well. I happened to weight Noah and he is now 8 lbs-7 oz he has gained 3 oz in 2 days.
I have 4 weeks left of my leave and I have to go back to work, it was gone by so fast. Sorry for only getting to update the blog once a week, my time is mostly spent on feeding Noah and/pumping, that is what takes most of my time. I am lucky if I get a shower every other day, I eat when I get a chance, my house work is put on hold most of the time I get to it when I can. Please forgive me, I have been reading the blogs that I follow, I just have not had a chance to comment on them, I usually read the blogs when I am nursing Noah, so I am still keeping up with almost everyone.
Below are some pics from the past week and this week.

My new mommy hair cut and do.

Dad and Noah

Just chilling after a nap

Number 1 Colts fan.


Brooke said...

Your hair looks so cute. That is a perfect curly Mommy look. Glad you are getting some breastfeeding support. Keep up the good work I am sure you will be so glad you stuck it out.

God, My Savior Forever! said...

You ahve been blessed with such a beautiful baby my friend. Your miracle is very handsome:D I love your new hair..it's suits you. I caught my hair up to my shoulders..they all tell me I'm already looking like a cute mom:D So happy to see the 3 of you doing great:D


KateandCodyWhite said...

Love the new Mom do! Its perfect and it looks fantastic on you :) So proud of you on the bfing and noah is darling!

Anonymous said...

Jenny and Noah, thank-you for a great Bday, I love having you around for the weekend. Can-t get enough of my Grandbabies. Love you both. All my LOVE NANA

heather said...

He is so adorable, Jen! I need to post Quin's 3 weeks (as of yesterday!) It does go by so fast!