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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Night in Ob.

I had the pleasure of spending the night in the Ob department Saturday nite, not by choice.
I came home from my shower on Friday night was having some contractions with some back pain. I told Carter and he is like I can take you in if you want, and I was like no I am going to wait it out and see. So we went to bed and I wake up in the middle of the night with increase back pain and pressure in the pelvic region, I got up and toke some Tylenol and laid back down. I wake up Saturday morning and the pain had not subsided so Carter is like call the Dr and see what we should do. So I called the Dr on call and she said to head in to Ob and get checked. So we got in to Ob about 11 ish in the am and they put me on the monitor and had me leave a urine sample. Noah was sounding good and looking good on the monitor, I was contraction some about every 6-7 mins. My back pain was not any better. So as we are waiting to hear from the Dr and the urine results, Noah is just as active as he can be he hate the monitors. So the nurse comes in and checks my cervix and I am closed, and she says well we have the urine results and you have a bad bladder/kidney infection and Dr wants to keep you over night to keep an eye on you and baby. I said how bad is the infection and she said I have seen worse but your is bad.
So they came in and put an IV in and gave me some antibiotics thorough the IV Rocephin to start with. Carter left me cause he had to go to work. So I was there by myself. The nursing staff was great and nice, I ordered from the cafeteria while I was there, from a menu, the food was good. I didn't get much sleep Saturday night the came in and checked and did vitals about every so often that the bed was not comfortable at all, it was hard to get comfortable. I was able to talk with some friends on the phone while I was there. I went off and forgot my charger for my phone so I texted them and they called me on the phone in the room. Thanks Girls you know who you are that called me back, it helped with passing of time while I was there that night. Then I was able to go home Sunday morning. I mainly watched t.v and and read a few magazines that they had there. I would just get comfortable to get to sleep and I would have to get up and go to the bathroom since they were pumping me with fluids. I was ready to go home Sunday morning. The contractions would come and go nothing they were concerned about. They sent me home with a script for an antibiotic.
The back pain has gotten somewhat better since Saturday, no contraction since then either.


Kahla said...

Ouch, glad you are feeling better!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Wow - what an ordeal!
So glad you both are ok!
Praying :)