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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Change of Plans

I had my Weekly Dr appt this morning, it went well. Noah's heart rate was 142. My plan was to ask if we could move the C-section up a week, but I didn't get to even ask that cause Mr Noah has other plans. She measured my belly and listened to him, and she started poking and feeling my belly and she is like either he has a hard butt or he has turned. So she is like I think that he has turned and he is not breech anymore. We are going to get an ultrasound for fetal position and see for sure, sure enough he has turned head down, he is facing my back. Then she is like well let go ahead and check and see if you are dilated yet, since you are having some pressure and sure enough I am dilated to 1 1/2-2 cm. So little man can come at any time now. I am scheduled to go back and see her again next Wednesday for my appt and an ultrasound to determine how big he is if I go that long. The C-section is schedule for the 24 th just in case he would change positions again, but I think that he is preparing to come the natural. I can't wait to meet my little man and it looks as if it could be anytime now.

I was in the Ob last Sunday again with Contraction and pressure with extreme back pain thinking that I was in labor, and I left again with my second antibiotic for kidney infection, the first dose of antibiotics didn't cut it so they gave me something else for it.

I am leaving you with 37 weeks 4 days pic.


Kahla said...

You are so close!! Very excited for you!!!

Brooke said...

Oh Jen that is so great! If you must have a C-section then thats one thing but now you get the chance to experience a natural childbirth!! Better for you and Noah. Quicker recovery time and lets be honest its less expensive :) I hope he stays that way and things can progress naturally. Good luck I hope he does not wait around too long!

God, My Savior Forever! said...

Wow sounds like little man is ready to go! Glad to hear he turned it's a wonderful blessing! How exciting....your about to meet your miracle baby! We are almost completing week 7...seems like a long way to go but they say it goes fast. I want to take this time to prepare. Well, hopefully we'll get to meet Mr. Noah via blogger soon! So excited for you guys:D


Amanda Hoyt said...

Wow!! I'm praying that Noah stays put (doesn't go back to breech) and that you get to have him naturally :)
Hugs and prayers,