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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thoughts and Pics.

We finished our last class last Monday, it was talking about Post-parum and baby care the after birth. Then we got a tour of the birthing center, the rooms are nice and it is like you are treated like you are visiting a hotel. I can;t wait to deliver there. You get a celebration dinner while you are there, a Vera Bradley diaper bag, some bath and body stuff after you deliver.When we started the class there were 6 couple counting us and when we finished the class there were only 2 counting us that had not delivered yet, all the others had delivered.

I had my weekly Dr appt last Wed, went okay Noah's heart rate was 132, sounding good and he is still breech, so she scheduled a C_Section for either the 21st or 24th of August if he doesn't decide to come sooner (it depends on when the OR has an open on either one of those days) she feels that he probably won't turn do to my Bicornuate uterus. I go off of my Procardia on Wednesday, so we will see. I have another appt on Thurs for my Group Beta Strep culture and weekly check. The below Belly shot is me at 34wks and 6days.

This pic you guessed it we got a new puppy. Not my choice I wanted to wait and Dh insisted that we get him. He is a Black Lab he is 9 wks old. He was free, with his first set of shots. I wanted to wait until after Noah was born to get adjusted to a change and get used to him, but no Dh wanted to have a dog as well. I think that it is still to soon, my baby girl Sophia has only be gone 3 wks, and he continues to say that we are not replacing her. This puppy is his responsibility while he is home, he has been getting up with him in the night when he is whining and taking him out in the night. There are alot of changing that are going on in the Baker house and this is one of them and Noah is due at any time.

I have been going through my Nesting stage, I arranged the cabinets and opened up a space for the baby stuff in one of the cabinets and washed all and bleached the stuff and have been cleaning and do rearranging as much as I can, dh is like will you stop. The ingestion and heartburn has gotten a little worse in the last few weeks, so tums are my friend. I have been feeling him moving more and more lately, I am loving it. I would think that he would be getting cramped in there. I can't wait to be my little man in less the 4wks or sooner, please keeps us in your prayers.


Brooke said...

I would probably freak out if dh suggesting us getting a puppy a couple weeks before our baby arrived! Sounds like you have it worked out if he is taking care of all his needs. You are looking ready to go! I hope things go well over the next few weeks.

Amanda Hoyt said...

You look great, Jen!
Praying for you as you wait for Noah to arrive and as you adjust to the new arrival of your puppy.
Hugs and prayers,

Liz said...

So what is this puppies new name? Get some rest while you can, new babies are precious but lots of work. Good luck, can't wait to meet Noah.

Liz said...

Does new puppy have a name? Get some rest while you can. New babies are precious, but tiring. Good luck in the weeks to come, can't wait to meet Noah.

Kahla said...

You're looking great and so close! The 21st is our 10th anniversary, a GREAT day to have a baby! ;o) A new puppy and a new baby, you are going to have one busy house!

mama2dibs said...

First of all, yeah...that picture is a WHOLE lot better. :)

Secondly, pepcid complete. That is my answer! Take one (sometimes two) and indigestion is gone. Tums never worked for me. So, if the heart burn persists, give the pepcid complete a try.