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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Sorry it is taking me a while to post, things have been busy this weekend. I had my first shower this weekend and I had a friend come from out of town to visit and help my mom with the shower so, I have been hanging out with her, since I don't see her very often. I will post about the shower in the next post with pictures as well. Now about the scare last Monday night (a week from tomorrow June 22).

I came home from work that evening and loaded the dish washer and fixed supper and I went in to the bathroom and I wiped and I went to flush the toilet and there was a good amount of blood in the toilet. So I am scared and freaking out with the previa, you can't take any chances. Along with the bleeding I had pressure in the pelvic area and cramping on the left side. So I called Carter and told him what was going on and I headed for Ob department to get checked out. So I went in and they where having a fire drill, go figure. So they finally got me back to a room and hooked me up to the monitor and I am contracting alittle. So baby is sounded good on the monitor 130's-150's. He was moving all over the place. They asked me if I wanted anything for the pressure and pain and I said no. They had me leave a sample of urine and they toke my Bp and it was quite high like 160's/90's. that was probably from being upset and worried. So she toke it again while she was getting some of my info and history and it came do to 130's/80's so that was better. So she called the Dr on call and he wanted them to give me something to help stop the contractions so the nurse gave me terbutaline. She let me lay there for a while and came back in and said that I was still contracting some she gave me another dose . She said that was contracting about every 4-5 mins. So we waited another 30 minutes and they had slowed down thank goodness. I want him to stay put to cook alittle longer. I was 30wks and 2 days last Monday. They said that they would like to me stay over night to make sure and I said that I wanted to go home, so she called the Dr and he said that I could since the contractions had slowed down and that I needs to call and make an appt in the am to see Dr G.

So I called and made an appt on Tuesday to See Dr G and after I let work know what was going on and I was planning on working up until my appt and my boss was like um no you need to go home you do not need to be here you are a liability, so I came home. Went in to the appt and baby heartbeat was good 136 and she was going to check me since they didn't in the ob depart and she was like nope we are going to go ahead and do the ultrasound today instead of the next week. So she gave me another steroid shot for Noah's lungs and she is like well go and get something to eat and come back for the ultrasound. She was like well your sugars will go up do to the shot so you may as well go get something good to eat and blow the day cause it is not going to matter today with getting the shot. So we went and ate Culver's. So we came back for the ultrasound and the tech looked and measure Noah and all looks good and he is measuring a week ahead of the schedule. He is healthily and has all of his part and looking good, he finally let get a face view of him, he is/was weighting at 3 lbs 2 oz, he has chubby cheeks and some hair. He had ahold of one of his feet the whole time close to his face for most of the ultrasound. Then she had me go and change so that she could do a vaginal ultrasound to check my cervix and to check on the Placenta previa. The tech was pointing out things to us on the screen but really didn;t say much. So she had me get dressed and went and got Dr G and she came in with a big smile on her face. She was like I have some good news for you. I am on the edge of the table and she is like well the Previa has moved up and it looks like you are going to be a normal delivery no C-section at the moment, that is the best news that I have heard all day. She said that the bleeding came from a packet of blood that was attached to the wall that broke as the previa had moved, that why I had the pressure and cramping and bleeding. I was so happy to hear that I don;t have to have a C-section planned. Thank you Lord you have answered a prayer. Please now Lord keep Noah safe and healthy for a while longer.

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Brooke said...

That is an amazing answer to prayer! I cant believe it. Here we are just hoping Noah will stay put for a few more weeks and the previa moves!! Praise the Lord!