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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pics of Noah's Nursery.

I have colored codes his 0-3 and 3-6 mos clothes. The white is 0-3 and the blue is 3-6mos.

0-3mos in his dresser (all oneies)

0-3 mos outfits and sleepers

3-6 mos of oneies and outfits

My in-laws come up this weekend to help with the finishing touches on the nursery. My mother-in-law sewed the sides of the cradle and the haylow.

She made the curtains as well. I think that she did a great job with the color matching.

above the crib.

Most of the clothes above are from my mom and my mother-in-law buying from garage sales. Noah is going to have so many clothes he probably won't wear all of them, plus I still have 3 showers to go to. I am 29 weeks 1 day yah. I have a Dr appt on Wednesday. Will post on that sometime on Wednesday.

Hope everyone has a good week.


Kahla said...

Looks like it's ready for arrival!! I love you did Noah's Ark for Noah, perfect!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Have a great week, Jen!
The nursery looks great!

mama2dibs said...

I color coded my hangars with Libby, too. It worked great! Then I had Grace...I don't even have time to THINK about color coding anymore. :)

Brooke said...

Lookin good! I am sure Noah is going to love his room. I am glad that you have been so blessed with lots and lots of baby clothes.

heather said...

I have gotten so carried away buying cute outfits for our little guy...I keep forgetting about the shower...and you with THREE! WOW! How blessed you are!

Janna said...

What a great idea to color code with the hangers! Looks like you're all ready!!

Ashley said...

Wow! You are stocked! Amazing! How sweet of your MIL to help with so much and be such a part of the nursery.

KateandCodyWhite said...

Wow! Lots of stuff in that nursery its lookin' good! Just wish i was there to celebrate with you :) Hugs buddy!