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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dr appt update

Wednesday I had my 29 wk 4 day appt. It went well for the most part. They didn't have my 3 hour glucose results back yet, which was crazy cause that was one of the reason for the appt and I had it done last Friday. So I waited in the room for about half hour and the nurse is said well she will be in to see you in a few, we are still waiting in the results and we will call you when we get them in. Dr G came in the room and measured my belly and listened to the heart beat which was 143. I am measuring on track with measurement of where my uterus is and all. She asked about the cramping and spotting and I have had spotting here in there not alot, and the crampingh as diminished alot since I have been taking the Procardia. She like we will call you when we get the results and I would like to see you in 2 wks, and we will do an ultrasound then as well to check on the Previa, but I would like you to see a NP next week. So now I am on weekly visits. So I leave and I head to the Book store across town to pick up a book I ordered and my phone rings. I see that it is the Dr office and the nurse told me the bad news. I didn't pass the 3 hour and I am a gestational diabetic. In which I had a feeling that I wouldn't pass it, I didn't have anything after 8:30 that night before the test. I guess that since I have the complete previa, I may as well add to the plate gestational diabetes, this pregnancy has been rough, But I am enjoy every minute of being pregnant even with the complications, cause when I feel my sweet baby boy move it is all worth it and it will be in the end when I am holding him in my arms healthy and all. So I am on the phone with the nurse while I am at Barnes and Noble and the nurse is like well Dr G wants you to come in and have a diabetic teach and get your scripts. Can you come back in the office at 2pm and have that appt, mind you it is 12:15 and I had my ob appt at10 am, my husband has type II and I work in a Dr office so I know some. I killed some time looking at the children's books and I brought Noah his first animal book. Then I headed over the to scrap booking store and brought a few things for his scrapbook. Then I headed back over the the Dr office to meet with the NP/diabetic teacher. I thought that I was never going to get home. So I went in and had the appt and the Np Christie who was nice and she told me what I can and can't have and that Dr G wanted me to go back on my Metformin 500 mg in am and pm, that I was on before for the PCOS She was like I know how you are feeling I was GD when I was pg with my second and I totally understand what you are having to go through. She is like I want you to test your sugars 4 times day( fasting before breakfast, 2 hours after breakfast, 2 hours after lunch and 2 hours after supper) and eat like somewhat normal like you have been, just cut on the sugars for a week and we will see how the Metformin and how your sugars are running and we might be able to decrease your dose and you might be able to eat sugars in moderation or we might have to count carbs, we will see next week and go from there. I have noticed that Noah is not as active over the last few days since I am cutting back on his sugar intake and mine as well. He is still moving and kicking, I listening to him with the Doppler when I hasn't felt him move in a few hours and he hates that thing, it is hard to get him to stay still to listen and he kicks at it, I guess that is a good sign. I am more worried about Noah then myself with all that is going on, but I have to take care of myself in order for him to be healthily and safe. I just pray that he comes out healthy and safe and I can;t wait to be bring him home less then 8 wks or less.

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Amanda Hoyt said...

I'm so sorry you have to add to your plate (with the GD) but I am praying that all continues to go well with the pregnancy and that you and Noah do stay safe and sound for the next few months.
Hugs and prayers,