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Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend here and almost gone.

We have had a great Holiday weekend so far, and have accomplished some much need work around the house to be done. And here is Monday the last day of our long weekend, boy has the weekend gone by fast.
On Saturday morning I meet with some friends for lunch that I used to work with, and had a good visit with them. While Carter was home doing the mowing and yard work. We toke Tigger the cat to the vet that morning as well for his checkup and all is good besides he is obese, so needless to say he is on a diet. That afternoon we went to town and we got the baby mattress for the crib, yah. Then went out to eat at Golden Coral, I ate to much as usually, I guess that whats happens when you go to a buffet. Then we headed to Sams Club to get stocked up on some items like toilet paper and frozen items and other things that we needed.
Then Yesterday we got up and started cleaning in the house, he got his computer that was sitting in our living room back in the spare 2nd bedroom finally. Then he helped me with the dusting and sweeping of the floors. We cooked out on the grill, yummy. Then later in the afternoon we headed to my parents to visit, and had hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill with some homemade potatoes salad, and some flavored caramel corn. Our nephew Nathan was there, he is 7 mo now and is such a cutie pie, and he is at that age that he laughs and coos and is wiggling like a little worm on the floor to get to where he needs to go. So I got to play with him for a while. Then we came home and Carter dropped me off at home while he went to see a movie. It was a movie that I didn't want to see, plus I was cramping a little so I knew it was time to come and plant myself on the couch for the night.
Today I think that I am going to take it easy and do some scrapbooking and finish the laundry and go get a few groceries.
Below are some pics, some of the finished crib now and me at 26wks and 1 day. I still get the look like is she pg or just fat. It depends on what I am wearing that day of how pg I look. I am gaining most of my weight in the hips then in the tummy. He has been more active lately, somedays more then others. I love this little man.

Crib finished product

26 wks 1 day

Happy Memorial Day Everyone. I want to say thank you to all the service men and women that have fought for our freedom and are currently now. I pray for those families that have lost love ones, that God be with you.


Amanda Hoyt said...

Hi Jen,
Noah's nursery looks great!
Have a good rest of your day.

Hope2morrow said...

Ah, things are coming along so nicely! Love the pics of the nursery and of your belly. Thanks!

Brooke said...

Yeah! for belly pics. I love your crib set! Its so cute. I cant wait to find out what we are having so that we can start shopping.

Charnè said...

love the nursery!! and love the belly


KateandCodyWhite said...

I see Noah! Love your belly :)