God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow,sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Alittle Scare This weekend!

Yesterday started out pretty good, I meets with some friends that were in town for breakfast, then I got home in time to go to church. So came home to change and go to the bathroom and to my surprise I am spotting. Yup you heard it I was spotting but I went to church anyway, well about halfway through the service I started cramping. So I came home and check to see if I was spotting and I was and the cramps were more intense. So I called the Ob department where I will be delivering and they told me to call my Dr on call. So I called the Dr On call and told him what was going on and my history since he is not my regular Ob Dr and he told me to take some Tylenol and lay down for an hour and if I am still having the cramping and the spotting to head into the Ob department. So I laid down for about 2 hr and after the 2 hrs I was still having the cramping and the spotting had slowed down. So I headed into the Ob department.
I get there and they wheel me back in a wheelchair and take my to a room and have me change and leave a urine and get me ready to be hooked up to the monitors. So we are waiting on registration before they can hook me up, so they hook me up on the monitors and I am starting to get nervous and teary eyed cause she was not finding the heartbeat, it toke her about 10 minutes to find him. She toke my hand and comforted me and then she found him. I started to cry, I was so relieved. I was nervous cause I hadn't felt him move all morning. He normal moves mostly in the am when I am up getting ready and the evenings mostly. So he was running where he should be 130's -150's and I think that we pissed him off after awhile cause he kicked and kicked, which was a great feel to know that he was all right. My cramping was getting worse after laying there so they called the Dr on call and he gave them orders to give me Nubain to help with the cramping, Noah stayed on the monitor most of the time, it was so comforting to hear him and know that he was doing okay and well, what a relief. The Nubain finally toke affect after about 45 minutes, and Noah settled down after that and was more steady on the monitor my cramps started to let up some. I had to go to the bathroom, so they got me up and I went and came back to lay back down I got so dizzy from the med and drownses, I felt sick. The Nubain made me feel very drowse. I got up to get dressed and go to the bathroom again and I got sick, very nauseated and dizzy, so they called the Dr again and they gave me some Phenergan to help with my nausea, and I throw up. I was so sick so I had to lay back down and stay a little longer. So Dr said that it was the placenta previa that was causing the spotting and cramping. I am so glad that Noah is okay. The Nubain did take the cramps away.
I have not had anymore spotting since yesterday afternoon, and the cramping is not as bad as yesterday. I have felt him move today throughout the day, I love feeling him move, it is the most awesome feeling, and it gives me reassurences that he is doing well.
Please pray that the previa resolves itself soon and I don't have anymore scares and that Noah stays healthy and growing strong.


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh sweetie. I am so glad everything turned out alright! I will definitely be saying lots of extra prayers for you and Noah!

Charnè said...

praying Noah will always be fine and that you are to

Brooke said...

Oh goodness I couldnt read your post fast enough I was getting all upset and teary. I cant imagine how scared you must have been Jen and I cant believe how long it took to find his heart beat! That would have made me loose it. I am so glad to hear that Noah is safe and sound. He didnt like all the poking and proding which shows that he is super alert and healthy. I am saying a prayer for you now...

God is protecting your little guy and you are such a strong Mama. So glad your post had a good ending.

Kahla said...

Sending prayers that all is well from here on out!

AmandaHoyt said...

I'm so sorry you had this scare, Jen, and am praying for ya'll!
Many hugs to you my friend,