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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Random Thoughts !

1. I am getting excited not only is Saturday, April the 4Th my B-day, but we are getting the nursery painted and things organized. Yah. I went and brought odor less paint today from Lowe's and supplies. Carters parents and my parents are coming up and helping with this. Since I can only lift 5 pounds do to the previa, they are gracious enough to come and help out. We are going to have a cookout since the day is going to be nice, at least that is what the weather channel is saying 50's.

2. I wake up this morning to Carter fixing me breakfast. Eggs, potatoes, and biscuits and gravy. That was very sweet of him. I am not going to get used to it.

3. In less then 13 days we found out if peanut is going to be a Noah or an Allie. That is the names that I am going to reveal, just the first name. And I also find out if I will have to have a C-section do to the previa if it has not corrected itself, in which I am hoping and praying that it has. I have been feeling some flutters and little touches in my tummy it started at about 17 wks, I am assuming that it is peanut moving around in there. I talk to him or her just about every night.
I can't believe that I will be 19 wks on Saturday.

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