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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter. As I am so thankful that Jesus died on the cross for you and me and that he had risen from the dead for our sins. I remember from my childhood that we used to watch the Ten Commandments just about every year. I plan on watching it tonight and hoping to start that tradition with my little ones. I look forward to celebrating Easter next year with our little one on the way.

I am now 20 wks today and feeling good for the most part. I can't believe that I am 5 months. We find out on Wednesday the 15th what our little peanut is and if the placenta previa has moved up. I can't wait.

Week 20: Cantaloupe
Baby's digestive system is busy creating meconium (a tarry black substance made of swallowed amniotic fluid, digestive secretion and dead cells), which will fill the first diaper after birth. And, speaking of the diaper situation... baby's genitals are now fully formed!

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Kahla said...

Woohoo for 20 weeks, congrats!!!! Happy Easter!