God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow,sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


1. I am doing pretty good feeling good beside the sinus thing going around. I have a Ob appt tomorrow which I am excited about. It is hard to believe that I am going into the second trimester on Saturday. Yahh.
Update: My appt went well. I gained 2 pounds. All labs were good besides my TSH(thyroid) and she said that normally it is high/elevated in the first trimester, so she is going to check it again at 28 weeks and see how it is then. We heard peanuts heartbeat 148 bpm, he or she is a activate little thing. In about 8 weeks or so we should know the sex of the baby, if and when baby decides to let us see. I go back in a month ( march 19).

2. I have gotten to hear the heartbeat everyday this week. At the Dr office where I work they have an older Doppler that I can use while I am there. It is a relief to get the opportunity to hear it if peanut decides to cooperate. I love that sound.

3.I found some maturity tops and a pair of pants at the Goodwill tonight I was so excited. I was at the grocery store this evening I was at the check out and the clerk asked me when I was due. It blew my mind that she could tell cause I had my scrubs on. So I am starting to show. She would have been embarrassed if I would have said that I wasn't.

4. I am excited that I am going to my parents this weekend to hangout and and eat fish from a town fish fry and I get to see my nephew and then going to my home church Sunday. Dh husband has to work evening this weekend, so that the plan.

5. Prayer request: My nephew is going to Riley on Friday for some testing. He was born with no toenails on the four toes. So they are doing some testing to explain why.

6. As I am nearing my due date for the twin that I lost almost 7 months ago. I miss them so much and think what might have been, it is hard and saddens my heart very much. But I know that God knew what he was doing and he had a better plan for me. If it wasn't for losing the twins I wouldn't be who I am now physically, mentally and spiritually with God and where I am now pregnant. I like to think that the twin are look over peanut now keeping him/or her safe in my womb. The twin will be missed and never forgotten.


Rochelle said...

Continually praying for you and rejoicing in the positives!!

Melanie said...

So glad to hear from you!!! I am excited to hear that you get to hear your peanuts heartbeat everyday! Awesome...

Have a great weekend in the Lord!