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Saturday, February 7, 2009

11 wks

Ultrasound Pics look at your own risks.

I went to the Dr yesterday I had been having some really bad cramping for the last two days worse then AF cramping so I went and had it check out. I am still a little nervous nellie, so I wanted to make sure all was okay with peanut. They did an ultrasound and our peanut is growing. Heart rate was 160 bpm, all is good with baby, but mommy has a small bladder infection. I have not been drinking nearly enough water as I should be so that a concern that the dr had. I have lost another 2 pounds, which I was hoping that I would have gained as I have been eating like crazy. Plus I have been having some rectal bleeding in which I was concerned as well (sorry TMI)but Dr said that, that is do to the constipation. So I was instructed to mix in my drink Miralax to help with that.

I am feeling pretty good, I am starting to show a little. I have been getting these cold sores one heals and another appears,but rather then that all is going good. I still get the morning sickness in that am.

This is 11 wks.


Brooke said...

OMG! There is a baby in there! Your baby is already so cute. I am so happy for you. Its wonderful to see that he/she is growing so strong. Keep posting I worry about you :) I am just so happy that you are doing well Jen.

Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

Hey Jen- Thanks for your comment on my blog. It helps to have a second or third or fourth opinion about the quad screen. I've been leaning towards not doing it for the same reason that you mentioned. However, after I decided not to do the cystic fibrosis test, I had a dad contact me and say that his wife didn't have one for the same reason and their baby ended up having CF despite no family history of it. He said it wouldn't have changed his choice to carry the pregnancy to term, but they would've been more prepared to deal with it after birth had they already known. So that got me questioning it more, especially since all they are doing is drawing blood. I still don't know.

Aside from throwing up every day and having a much weaker stomach, I feel pretty good most of the time. The fatigue is gone. The constipation comes and goes, but baby carrots help a lot (by the way). I did have some rectal bleeding with the constipation, but ONLY because of that. My boobs aren't sore anymore either. In fact, aside from morning sickness, most everything else has subsided. Oh, and I had cold sores in the first few weeks, but haven't had any since then.

I feel like I've had things pretty easy so far compared to many people, and I treasure everyday of it.

I love your ultrasound pics. I haven't seen my little baby since it was just a blob at 6 weeks. And I WON'T be able to see it until 20 weeks when I find out the gender, as long as nothing goes wrong between now and then. So, seeing your ultrasound helps me to see what my little one looks like at this stage now. I did hear the heartbeat for the first time last week during my first OB appointment. It was 160 bpm, like your's, which is great!

Being 11 weeks along now is so exciting. We're reaching the end of the first trimester! I continue to wish you the best of luck!

Kate&CodyWhite said...

Awww Jen! Yay :) Look at that sweet baby and thats so exciting... stop being a nervous nellie this is your time, enjoy and it will fly by :)

Anonymous said...


What beautiful pictures! You look fabulous too!! I'm praying that things continue to get better and that the little peanut grows and grows.


Kahla said...

Great pictures!!!! I'm glad everything was OK and I was happy to see an update! I forgot you had tagged me, I'll have to get that one up. Have a great day!

Jim and April said...

how precious...what beautiful pics...so happy for you!

Charnè said...

awesome ultra sound pics! and you looking so good! thank you for sharing them with us

hugs from SA


Teresa said...

Aw mama your baby is SO adorable!

Anonymous said...

Aw - what a sweet little bump! Peanut is beautiful!