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Friday, January 30, 2009

Appt Update!

Sorry for the delay in posting about my appt, as I am sure some are wondering on how it went. It went well, the doctor was running an hour behind schedule, and dh was getting antsy and frustrated. We went in and they asked the general first ob appt stuff, the questions and the exam down there check, then she said now we are going to try and hear the heartbeat with the Doppler and if we can't that is okay it might be to early since your only 9 wks 5 days. So she squirted the gel on my tummy and waited and waited and moved it over alittle to one side and there it was that lovely sound that I couldn't wait to hear again. It was strong at 165. I was so relieved. I go back in 3 wks for another ob check. All is looking good and sounded good. I was given an order to have labs drawn. She toke my off the Metformin, yah 2 less pill to take and worring about it coming back up. Thank you all for the prayers and comments. Please keep me and baby in your prayers that all continues to go well.


Anonymous said...


I'm a little behind on my blogs after taking a break, but I am so excited to hear the good news!

Brooke said...

Oh I am so happy! I totally got tears in my eyes when you talked about the heartbeat. So wonderfull. What an amazing blessing Jen. I will keep praying for you my dear.


sounds like it is going great! :)

Kate&CodyWhite said...

Glad to hear your appointment went well! Did they talk to you about a u/s and when is your due date? Hope your having a happy sunday and enjoy they Superbowl!

Melanie said...

So excited for you as your appointments continue to go well. Keeping you in my prayers

Charnè said...

yipee!!! so glad you to to hear the hearbeat and all is well with little one


Teresa said...

What a perfect heartbeat! I'm thrilled for you guys.