God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow,sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Randoms Thoughts !

Here are some of my thoughts that have been going through my mind lately.

1. Work is going good. I learn something new each day, and I do something different each day as well. So I am not bored at all.

2. I had a some what good Thanksgiving busy and so what stressful. It just reminded my that I am baby less again. You see my brother has a baby who is now 7 wks old and I was holding my nephew and it brought tears to my eyes that I so much long for a little one like him to hold and to cuddle with. He is so precious and sweet, I love my nephew so much. I told my mom a few times that day that I want one so bad, and her response was in Gods timing, it is going to happen. I just have to keep reminding myself that God know what is best of us and he will let it happen in his timing.

3. I started using the opk this weekend no positive ovulation line yet. I am on cd 10. What an awesome present that would be to find out I am pregnant around Christmas, I am not going to hold my breath through. Dh and I started dancing under the sheets this weekend, so I guess that time will tell. The last time I used the kits I got pg so fingers crossed that it might work this time as well.

4. I put the tree up this weekend to get myself in the mood. I just dread the coming months (end Feb/beginning March) cause that would have been when I would have been due if things would have turned out differently. I just keep telling myself again that God had a better plan for my twins in heaven and that they are perfect and safe in heaven. So Sorry for the sadding mood.

5. Carter and I went on Saturday night to the festival of lights in our local park, to get in the mood of the Holidays. It was pretty neat. After that we drive around to look at the other lights that were in town. Not alot of people had theres on, alittle early yet I guess, but those that had theirs on were pretty cool. In a few weeks we are going to go on a sleigh ride. I can't wait.

I hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving and nice rested weekend.

My christmas tree.
Carter and I
Mom and Nathen
My Brother and his girlfriend
Nathen ( my nephew)
These last four are from our Thanksgiving at my parents house.


Jim and April said...

nice tree and pics! I understand how you feel about the due date coming up...i think about mine from time to time...I was just telling Jim tonight how if Jeremiah was alive, he would be 2 yr, 7 mths old and would be looking and oohhing and awwing at the christmas tree...it hurts...but I am still glad I had all four in my life...even if for a brief moment!

The Petersons said...

I'm sorry these holidays are so tough for you. I can't even imagine losing a child (or 2). As much as I want to get pregnant, it would be my worst nightmare to finally achieve it and then lose it. I can't relate completely, but my heart goes out to you in these upcoming months. I hope that you can experience God's joy through it all, despite what these months mean to you. Wishing you the best... :-)

Kahla said...

I really hope the kits do the trick for you this month and you get that wonderful Christmas present. Your nephew is adorable. I can certainly understand how hard the holidays are, hang in there.

AmandaHoyt said...

I'm prayin for ya, Jen.
I know things are hard.
Your tree looks great and I sure hope those tests work for you.
Hugs and prayers,

Charnè said...

Your mom is right, in Gods time it will happen! i know that waiting for His time is hard! pray for strength to get through the wait


Hope2morrow said...

I love the family pics! What a lovely family.