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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A nice walk

I have been working with Sophia over the last few months not being so skittish with people and noises. That is her nature since we adopted her from a humane shelter. She is 19 months so she should be growing out of it. I had been walking her around the house for her to get used to the people and noises other then her normal in the back yard on her chain enviroment, well I ventured out last Thursday morning, since I had the day off, I thought that I would take her for a walk with me since most people are at work (so she wouldn't get scared)in the morning, so we went and she did well she walked and wanted to pull me a few times but I just stopped to let her know that she couldn't go unless I went. she slept good that night.
So tonight I wanted to go for a walk so I thought to myself, lets try this again. There were people outside and kids playing and we ventured out tonight and she pulled me a few times, but rather then that she did good. I think that she is finally growing out of the scared stage. So I think that I have a walking buddy now, all you have to do is say "Want to go for a walk" and her ears perk up and her tail wags, I take that as a yes. I have been working with her to shake, it is going good,have more work to do with that one through.

1 comment:

mama2dibs said...

Yea! Nothing better for a walking partner than a dog. You don't usually have to convince them to take a walk and it's good for your health too!