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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The dog chain has won again!!!

On Wednesday Carter went out to get Sophie so he could go to work, and she gets herself wrapped around the tree out back and we think that she does this to get our attention, cause she wants us to come out and play with her. Cause most of the time she can get herself unwrapped if she wants to. So he gets her unwrapped and she is running around, and before he can get out of her way, she wraps around him with her chain, and as he realizes what she has done he jumps to avoid her and he falls down on his knee and hurts it. She injuried me last year doing the same thing. A year ago this October I had my knee scope done. This dog is getting to be very expensive. Now he has a briused and swollen knee, and he is still having issues with it few days later. He went to the Dr on Friday and he gave him some inflammatory meds that should help with the swelling. He says that each day it gets better, I hope and pray that he won't have to have sugery like I did. I told Carter that I think that it is time to put up a fence, and we won't have to mess with a chain anymore..

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